How to Hire Programmers for an App or Mobile Web Experience

Hire Programmers for an App or Mobile Web Experience With Ease

Customer experience is a term synonymous with how companies produce engaging and interactive digital businesses. Brands must consider the simplicity of use, the user interface, optimization for all devices, screen sizes, functionality, and many other factors when developing a new experience for their customers. Without accounting for all variables, lesser experiences can run amok and threaten the credibility of your brand identity.

Nowadays, any good experience must be built for mobile-first engagement. In 2021, mobile accounts for 54% of all web traffic, having first surpassed traditional desktop devices in 2017 and expected to continue growing in coming years. That means any new website or application must be user friendly for mobile devices. Otherwise, you risk losing a massive share of traffic.

To build these types of experiences, and enable your brand to achieve new levels of growth, you need skilled developers who excel at creating mobile-first web and app experiences. The best mobile app developers are experienced at creating outstanding applications that captivate user interest and drive higher engagement rates so that companies earn the most bang for the buck.

But how should you go about connecting with coders for hire and hiring the right developers for the job? What are the telltale signs of a skilled iOS or Android app developer, and where can you find this professional talent? This guide will help you hire programmers for an app or mobile web experiences, and ultimately, find the right candidates who can deliver results.

1. What to look for when hiring an iOS or android app developer

To find the best, you need to understand how to define the best. What does it take to be a successful programmer or developer? When hiring programmers, what are the talents you should look for to ensure you create the types of applications that will resonate with the intended audience so that they constantly choose to engage?

Regardless of whether you’re developing an app for iOS, Android or both softwares, these are some of the technical requirements any developer should bring to the table:

  • Knowledge of php source code
  • Knowledge of css
  • Knowledge of html coding
  • Knowledge of javascript
  • Experience developing existing applications

 Additionally, you need to define the exact scope of the work so that you can hire the right programmers. Certain developers have particular sets of skills, and you need to know which types of developers are best suited for the scope of your project:

  • Mobile applications developer
  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • QA engineer
  • Network architect
  • Engineering manager
  • Web architect
  • Web developer
  • IT manager

The list can go on. Each job title focuses on specific talents, most of which you will need to fully develop, test, deploy, and optimize your application. Understanding the difference between each job title and the work expectations of each professional will help you manage the development of your project so that you can deliver results on time, on budget, and to exceptional results.

2. Where to find app programmers for hire

Once you know what type of app you’ll build, and which types of programmers you’ll need to hire to complete the work, you’re ready to start hunting for hires. The first question for your organization is what type of talent do you need – full-time, part-time, contract, contract-to-hire, freelance, etc.? And the second question is where can you find and hire programmers for an app who are the most qualified, the most capable, and the most experienced to do the job?

Rather than go through traditional hiring agencies, which charge excessive fees for their work and don’t always screen candidates appropriately, you can use talent curation platforms to connect with experienced programmers whose skills best align with your development plans.

Solutions like High5 plug you into a global talent pool of engaged, professional developers to help expand your plans to hire programmers for an app, mobile, or traditional web experience with efficiency and scale. High5 is the most efficient, cost-effective solution you can use to target working professionals who can enhance the capabilities of your existing in-house team.

3. How to hire programmers for an app

Once you find a platform you can rely on for professional talent, you need to map out the scope of the work involved with your application. For example, typical apps with standard functionality require upwards of 500 to 800 hours of development time. That means the project will take several months, at best, in order to build a fully functional application that can go to market.

In order to build a manageable product roadmap, you need the right talent with the right skills at the right times. With your development timeline in place, use platforms like High5 to connect with developers who offer flexible working hours if you choose to hire a contract employee for the duration of the project. You could also look for full-time developers who can help build the app, but who will also be on hand to manage and upgrade the app with new developments that come over time.

Determine the longevity of this working relationship you intend to build, and then do your research on what professional developers expect in exchange for their services. This includes:

  • Fair market rates typically paid to experienced app developers
  • The premium you’re willing to pay for a higher caliber of quality talent
  • Whether you require references verify the validity of the developer in question
  • What are the agreed upon turnaround times for projects and how much lead time you can provide to the developer
  • Any other outstanding questions or concerns that could impact the performance

More experienced developers can transform your idea for an app into a fully functional product that can be used to generate greater revenue for the business. But you can determine whether you require a full-time hire or a contract employee using platforms like High5 to narrow down the search so you can connect with only the most capable coders for hire and hire programmers for an app who meet the needs of your business.

This is a great solution to save you time, save you money, and still create an exceptional product that can help your business capture a larger share of the audience. When you build a loyal following of engaged app users, watch the payoff from using these best practices for hiring  app developers translate into significant revenue for the organization.

It’s not easy to find the perfect professional to add to your team. But leading vetting and curation tech hiring platforms like High5 are here to help. We excel at direct sourcing, redeployment, and diversity initiatives ⎯ among other capabilities ⎯ to help you hire programmers for an app for your next big development. Start adding exceptional talent to your team today. Get started now >>

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