How to Hire Tech Talent and the Challenges You’ll Face When Finding The Best Tech Talent

Here Are The Key Challenges You’ll Face (and How to Overcome Them), As Well As Our Top Tips For How To Hire Tech Talent

As an expert team with decades of experience in the talent vetting process, we at High5 know that even though finding the ideal talent for your organization is essential, it can be difficult. We know that just thinking about how to hire tech talent, can be a headache waiting to happen because making tech hires is one of our specialties. To give you a helping hand, we’ve provided this list of goals to keep in mind throughout your search. We have also given you some of the key ways that vetting (with the help of subject matter experts) helps you address key challenges and, ultimately, ensures you’re making the right tech hires.

Goals to keep in mind when finding and vetting technical talent

You’ll want to achieve many goals when searching for top tech talent. Let’s start by exploring some of the important things on your to-do list and highlighting some of the challenges you will facing how to hire tech talent.

Goal 1: Analyze applicants to distinguish resume “truth bending”

One of the challenges you might face after attracting top talent is analyzing your tech talent’s skills – particularly those who have applied to your vacancies via job boards. It’s a big challenge too because part of this includes trying to distinguish which candidates might have submitted fraudulent information on their resumes. Keep in mind that up to 80% of people who lie on their resumes might not get found out. They slip through the net, and that’s exactly why you might need to consider better options to hire tech talent aside from traditional job boards.

Goal 2: Embrace remote work and talent outside of your local market

Companies across the globe are embracing remote working due to the pandemic, but it’s not an easy task. Of those surveyed, 42.4% thought that one of the biggest challenges when hiring remotely is candidate evaluation. Keep in mind that information and technology roles have a high potential for remote work, so you might be missing out on many advantages if you’re struggling with how to hire tech talent for work from home information technology jobs. But with vetting and curation platforms like ours, hiring remotely is simple.

Goal 3: Vet talent to ensure they have the required skills

Your third goal is to ensure that your talent has the hard and soft skills required for the job. It’s difficult and can take a lot of time, especially if you’re only relying on a resume screening for how to hire tech talent. But bear this in mind – if you are going to embrace work from home information and technology roles, the tech talent you hire should have the all-important soft skills to help them do the job well. You’ll need to focus on plugging all skills gaps in your organization by hiring new technical talent, and some soft skills you’ll need to consider include:

● Working as part of a team

● Having good communication skills, and

● Responding well to feedback

How do you ensure your talent has the soft skills we’ve mentioned here? With the numerous challenges we’ve mentioned when it comes to hiring tech talent, saying goodbye to traditional job boards forever is one way to make this simpler. Yes, there are many options, but vetting and curation platforms like High5 are ideal for this. Keep reading to find out why.

The challenges with assessing technical talent and why proper sourcing and vetting is the answer

Why is assessing top tech talent a challenge? Among many other reasons, we’ve highlighted two big ones that can stand when thinking about how to hire tech talent.

A huge influx of resumes can cause problems

As we’ve briefly mentioned, if you are ‘old school’ you might prefer resume screenings. But what about your time to hire? Your huge influx of resumes might be a barrier to finding top tech talent in this sense – because the moment you’ve looked up from your pile of resumes, it might be too late. Your superstar might have already been snapped up.

But if you’re a tech company struggling with how to hire tech talent, top talent curation and vetting platforms actually play to your strengths. Platforms like ours make assessing talent simpler and make use of current technology to reduce your time to hire. With our direct sourcing approach, not only will you keep recruiting costs low, you’ll find that much faster (upwards of 15% faster!) to make tech hires.

How meeting the demand for tech professionals is difficult

If you’re trying to figure out how to hire tech talent, you might already know that the demand for technology professionals is higher than the supply. For instance, although advanced cloud and security skills are in higher demand than ever before, there is a noteworthy shortage of qualified talent in this area.

The key to this challenge is to widen your talent pool, and at High5 we are keenly aware that diversity and inclusion are at the top of your list. With our High5 Talent Clouds, sourcing and vetting exceptional tech talent is simple. You can easily build your talent pool and begin to achieve your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

How High5 enhances the talent search

Our High5 talent vetting and curation platform goes beyond resume screenings. It’s bigger than job platforms. It even exceeds open talent platforms like Upwork for various reasons. We enhance the talent search because:

● We’ve got 18,000 professionals carrying out video interviews and backing your vetting process to ensure your talent is thoroughly assessed. This guarantees you’ll get top talent every time you choose High5

● We cover tech hires in the fields of full-stack, cloud, and big data, which includes 80% of all global tech hires. If you want to hire tech talent for more than one area, we’ve got you covered

● High5 is global. If you’re looking to prioritize work from home information technology jobs and remote working, our platform is the ideal choice

Take on the quest for how to hire tech talent with High5 – industry-best for expertly vetted talent.

The challenges you’ll face when figuring out how to hire tech talent can be enough to try your patience. But stay calm. High5 is here to make the process easier. Explore our vetting and curation platform and start conquering how to hire tech talent faster and more reliably than ever. Get in touch now. >>

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