How To Partner Up With Curation Services Providers

It’s so important for companies to use talent curation services providers like High5 to increase their abilities to develop exceptional products.

What typically comes to mind when people think of the word curation are the ideas, the people, and the talent that can produce exceptional content. However, curation services providers can also define any modern technology that helps companies source professional talent to bolster their staff and produce quality products.

For companies in high growth environments, exceptional talent is hard to come by but vital to achieve revenue targets. Companies with high growth aspirations require quality products to put to market so that sales can be made and profits can be achieved. That’s why it’s so important for companies to use talent curation services providers like High5 to increase their abilities to develop exceptional products.

You might ask yourself, why are curation services platforms important for your business needs? How can they help you achieve your growth objectives? In this post, we’ll help answer those questions and give you advice on how to find the right talent for the job in hand.

Online talent curation services lower the cost to hire

Hiring for a new position is not an easy or timely task in the traditional sense. According to the Human Capital Benchmarking Report, most companies spend an average of 42 days to fill a position at a cost of over $4,000 per hire.

Now, if you’re a large company with many departments and specific job skills required for each department, do the math. The amount of time your in-house team will spend recruiting people for those jobs will leave little time for any strategic, big picture items for the business. Similarly, at $4,000 per hire, what happens if, in your rush to fill positions, you hire the wrong people and have to lay them off to start all over again?

It’s not a scalable model, especially if you have such high growth targets to reach and very little time to spare.

That’s why so many companies have embraced technological solutions to streamline the hiring process. Online talent curation services connect you to a broad pool of professionals, and you can use the capabilities of platforms like High5 to filter out all but the most qualified candidates for your needs. This saves an abundance of time and lowers the cost to hire by reducing the likelihood of hiring the wrong person.

Time and money saved equals an impressive ROI.

Talent curation helps you vet and qualify candidates

Curating the right talent is critical to stay competitive in the marketplace. Your competition is likely moving at the same pace as your company, and that means they could develop new features and benefits for their products that dwarf the capabilities of your own. Product development is how you maintain a competitive advantage in the market, but you need the right talent to help you develop those products into marketable assets.

Online talent curation services like High5 are built to help you vet and qualify professional talent. You can use the platform to create talent pools and qualify candidates based on their work history, skills knowledge, development experience, and any other variables. If people don’t check each of the checkboxes you’ve mapped out, they won’t qualify for a call from your recruitment team.

As mentioned above, this is a great way to save your recruiters both time and money. But it also helps you vet and qualify candidates for different types of jobs. You may not require a full time hire, but you still want to bring on a talented professional for a contract or freelance position. Platforms like High5 help you find the right people for full or part-time work along with one-time or ongoing freelance positions.

Accelerate hiring strategies and scale growth

Talent acquisition teams are concerned with filling the roles necessary to improve product development and company culture as a whole. But they also need time to focus on long-term hiring strategies that will help transform your company into the highly successful brand you aspire for it to become. To do that, recruitment teams need the time, the resources, and the energy to map out a long-term plan for the future of the company.

High5’s subject matter experts will handle the screening, interviewing, and skills assessment on behalf of your hiring team. This will improve the speed to hire, increase recruiter and talent satisfaction, and ultimately help your company take the next step towards high growth.

Use High5 to hire talent the better way

Talent curation services like High5 are built to improve the quality of the hiring experience for both your recruitment team and the candidates who hope to join the ranks. We’ve reduced the screening process by up to 70% for our customers, helping them make better selections at faster rates. We’ve also decreased time to fill open roles by 15%, all the while lowering hiring costs and increasing the quality of hire for customers all over the world.

Are You Ready For The High5 Experience?

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