The Best Way to Hire a Developer Online: With High5 Vetted Talent and Curation

To hire a developer online effectively, vetting talent and curation are key.

There are differing opinions on the best way to hire a developer online. Testing and assessment tools have been around for some time. In the future, the need to remove bias from the hiring process, more accurately test for specific, emerging developer skills, and ensure a candidate is a culture fit are critical. Whether it’s AI-based, personality assessments or coding-based testing, at-scale vetting requires experts in that domain to provide screening and validate credentials. 

We recently published “Hire Developers Online with High5 Vetted Talent,” which covers the importance of vetting in order to hire a developer online effectively. To summarize, the technical talent subset of High5 Vetted Talent is tech talent that has been put through a thorough screening, interviewing, and skills assessment process by experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) before they are submitted for a tech role. This translates to higher quality talent, faster speed-to-hire and considerable cost savings.

In addition to vetting talent, curation is a key part of the process in how you effectively hire a developer online. Specialized tech talent and in-demand developers aren’t easy to find via traditional recruiting methods. To further complicate matters, there are hundreds of jobs boards for technology jobs, and thousands more unqualified tech recruiters, making qualifying and vetting developers unsuccessful. According to a survey by LinkedIn, IT professionals say they receive 32 job solicitations each week.

In a saturated talent market, even college graduates with a tech-related degree need specialized training for specialized skills before they can be successful. Technology is changing so rapidly that universities can’t keep up. In fact, 95% of the curriculum at the university level takes about two years to change. In the tech industry, this is unacceptable.

To effectively hire a developer online, vetting and curation is a proactive approach, which means going after emerging tech skills (i.e., full stack, cloud, big data, cyber security), providing stringent vetting of that talent, and creating a cloud (i.e. curating) of available, engaged developers that’s ready to deploy immediately. Curation of tech talent means these developers are selected, categorized, provided feedback, and presented for the most relevant, highest-value roles. This approach directly impacts submit-to-hire ratios, speed-to-hire, cost savings, and organization’s ability to deliver projects on time.

To meet today’s market demands, curation must be scalable through an extensive network of subject matter experts who are available 24x7x365. Subject matter experts are trusted referrers of information, and bring crucial industry and organizational experience because they have been in these roles before. This leads directly to the quality of talent within an organization.

How hiring a developer online becomes more effective with vetting and curation

Sifting through dozens of resumes for every developer role and attempting to qualify soft and hard skills isn’t an IT manager’s job. What’s more, hiring the wrong talent is costly, time-consuming, and can leave companies unable to keep up with the digital transformations necessary in today’s market. 

In 2017, it was reported 1 in 10 available jobs were tech-related. After the pandemic, this demand will only increase, but the number of developers looking for work may not grow at the same rate. If organizations muddle through with talent that doesn’t have the right skills, they, too, will be disengaged. Research by Gallup estimates that actively disengaged and unhappy employees cost businesses anywhere from $450 billion to $550 billion a year in lost productivity.

That’s not all. In that same LinkedIn survey, 78% of employees in the tech field said they would remain longer with an employer that provided a clear career path. 

Hiring a developer online using High5 to vet and curate talent means future opportunities can be communicated effectively to a targeted audience by attracting, engaging, and vetting them in a new, scalable way. This engagement will set you apart from other employers and help solidify talent’s interest in your brand. 

What’s more, tech talent is looking for upskilling and reskilling opportunities to stay up-to-date with emerging technology. High5 provides access via our Learning Management System, so developers can engage in training and continuous education opportunities. 

Vetting and curation is key for how your organization can stand out and effectively hire a developer online. At High5, we’ve invested heavily in an innovative and thorough vetting and curation process that benefits all parties and makes the process to hire a developer online the most effective it can be. If you want to learn more about High5’s global work enablement platform and learn how we find, vet and curate tech talent, please visit

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