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Today’s talent landscape is rapidly evolving. The battle to hire talent is becoming more aggressive, and employers are now forced to think outside the box to attract and retain top talent. This is especially true when companies need to hire tech talent. Enter total talent solutions. Total talent solutions centralize hiring for full-time, part-time, temporary, and contingent workers, giving talent acquisition teams a central hub to view and hire their complete workforce.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about hiring top talent with total talent solutions.

What Is a Total Talent Solution?

Total talent solutions blend talent sources to identify qualified candidates. Simply put, it evaluates talent shortages, an organization’s particular hiring demands, and the resources necessary to design a more effective hiring plan.

Talent acquisition has become a challenging enterprise that some businesses are unprepared to manage. In the past, companies built their own systems for finding local or domestic talent. This has given rise to a new field known as “total talent solutions,” in which the companies most successful in attracting and retaining top personnel have the freedom to choose between permanent, temporary, contract-to-hire, freelance, onsite, and remote employment.

What Are the Benefits of Total Talent Solutions?

Total talent solutions are designed to address a company’s entire talent strategy, providing comprehensive coverage for all aspects of the hiring process. Total talent solutions are a combination of talent acquisition, talent management, and talent retention. This means that your hiring process can be faster, more accurate, and less expensive than ever before. It also means you can hire the best talent for your company’s needs and stop wasting money on staffing costs and hiring mistakes.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of total talent solutions in more detail:

Hiring at scale: Hiring at scale can be difficult because multiple factors like budgetary constraints, availability of resources, and candidate quality affect the process. Not only that, hiring at scale requires you to find a way to scale the job application process and build infrastructure and systems to support candidates, applicants, and employees.

The total talent solutions provided by High5 help businesses hire the best talent at scale through on-demand talent marketplaces, connecting businesses with thousands of qualified candidates across industries in real-time.

Cost-effectiveness: One of the biggest cost-cutting areas for any company is recruiting. In the early stages of recruitment, it can be quite easy to spend more than is necessary simply because you don’t know what you’re looking for or how much it will cost to find and hire the right person. The cost of finding potential candidates can include salaries, benefits, and recruitment expenses. It also takes time and manpower to post the openings on websites and other platforms.

Total talent solutions cut down on these costs by providing a marketplace of candidates with the talents and skills you are looking for, right at your fingertips. At High5, you tell us the type of talent you need, and we connect you with recommendations using AI-powered technology and our expert recruitment knowledge.

Easier access to qualified talent: Finding top talent is no easy task. It takes time, resources, and effort to identify, recruit and train new employees. It’s also expensive—there’s the cost of recruitment, onboarding, and training. It can be even more challenging when the candidate pool is limited and companies are forced to compete for the most talented candidates.

At High5, our total talent solutions platform has built a community of highly qualified, top-notch individuals. As a result, you won’t have to bother sifting through applications and resumes to find the best skillset; we’ve already done that for you.

Risk mitigation: You never know exactly what will happen when hiring employees. It’s common to hire employees who turn out to be unsuitable, and the whole process starts over again. This hiring risk can put companies off schedule or over budget.

However, with total talent solutions provided by High5 and the technologies we use to connect companies with employees that best suit the jobs, hiring managers can seek candidates who possess the specific sets of talents required more confidently.

Process efficiencies: When it comes to hiring, the old-fashioned method is a chaotic system with a lot of moving pieces. From managing a vast number of suppliers to hiring people on multiple talent platforms and advertising on various channels, it takes a lot of effort to get things to function correctly.

However, a total talent solution streamlines the entire process for you and acts as a central hiring hub. You don’t have to worry about putting up ads, sifting through hundreds of applications, contacting and screening employees, or any of the usual processes. Instead, High5’s total talent solution does all the work for you, making the entire process faster and easier.

Pre-vetted talent that is ready to deploy: Once you find suitable candidates for a role, the next step is determining if they are a good fit and if their talents fit the needs of the job. This step is time-consuming and sometimes unsuccessful, meaning you must start over.

However, total talent solutions offer you access to pre-vetted talent, so you can have confidence in the candidates’ abilities to perform the job. High5 talent communities are groups of job seekers with particular sets of capabilities that can be helpful to a growing organization. In addition, having a consistent stream of candidates available makes it easier for talent acquisition professionals to fill future positions.

Zero to fill: Time-to-fill gauges recruiting success by calculating the average time from job opening to the accepted offer. You’re losing money if your company has a long time-to-fill rate. It causes disgruntled hiring managers, overworked and less productive staff, and soaring recruiting expenditures. The root of the delay is often the time it takes to interview candidates, screen candidates, and complete background checks.

With total talent solutions, there is no need for any of those steps, which takes your time to fill down to zero. High5 does this work beforehand, so you will receive pre-screened applicants who have already checked all the boxes for employment within three days of working with High5.

Solves all of your talent problems: As stated earlier, total talent solutions act as a single hub for all of your hiring needs while eliminating all the difficulties that companies face while hiring. High5 created talent communities to help organizations identify high-quality workers more quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Our comparative examination of candidates can help you find the best fit for your company’s needs. We digitized the talent supply chain and gave it a 24/7 global talent network. With High5’s total talent solutions, you can meet all your workforce demands faster.

How to Determine What Type of Talent You Need

Hiring Developers

There are so many types of developers and so many ways to go about hiring them. Luckily, you’ll have top notch developers right at your fingertips with total talent solutions. In addition, hiring a developer through High5 guarantees that you’ll get someone who knows what they’re doing.

High5 has 18,000 subject matter experts that assess each freelancer/contractor in our network. We recruit, screen, and vet applicants 24/7/365, providing your company with on-demand talent.

If you want to hire developers, it will be easy with High5, but first, you need to identify the type of developer you’re looking for:

  • Full-stack developers: Full-stack development involves developing both the front-end and back-end of a web application. A qualified full-stack developer can deal with many different technologies. They can assist with work involving front-end and back-end systems, and they know multiple languages, frameworks, and tools.
  • Cloud engineers: Cloud engineers design, plan, manage, maintain, and support cloud computing in businesses. A “cloud engineer” covers several cloud-related roles. Cloud developers are often confused with software developers and full-stack developers. Cloud developers are highly specialized; they can help companies work on cloud-based solutions and assist with rolling out virtual systems.
  • Big data developers: Big data developers assess, analyze, and report on the company’s vast amounts of data. These professionals create systems and tools to integrate data analytics into organizational solutions. They primarily work on Hadoop application programming or coding, but they are familiar with several coding languages.
Hiring Recruiters

Skilled recruiters save companies time by understanding their needs and finding appropriate talent. There is currently a high demand for hiring talent. The hiring pool is small, but companies can hire recruiters to connect them with qualified talent and help find the right matches.

High5’s unique possibilities and innovative tools attract recruiters with in-demand talents, giving your company access to the greatest talent recruiting professionals to streamline the talent acquisition process.

If you want to hire recruiters, there may be two types on your radar:

Corporate recruiters: Corporate recruiters are exclusively focused on assisting your organization with finding and hiring the best individuals. They know your company’s culture, value great hires, and understand your long-term hiring goals. They are different from agency recruiters, who fill short-term employment.

Agency recruiters: Agency recruiters use their expertise, resourcefulness, and guidance to help organizations hire the top applicants in a competitive labor market. A professional agency recruiter can determine a company’s needs, evaluate applicants, and decrease the stress and time needed to identify fresh applicants.

Hiring Workforce Professionals

The services provided by workforce professionals are critical to any business. They manage and monitor external workers, manage software platforms, and support the organization’s applications, networks, and security systems.

High5 understands that not all businesses have the same needs as others regarding VMS, MSP, and CWM. With our talent platform, you’ll have access to experts with a wide range of specializations in the workplace, as well as those with a more generalized set of talents.

If you want to hire workplace professionals, here are a few types of professionals that may fit your needs:

VMS experts: Vendor management system (VMS) experts can support corporate objectives, and plan, choose, configure, and implement successful technology. Having a vendor management professional on your team can provide benefits such as productivity boosts, increased profit margins, and business efficiencies. VMS experts can also help companies save on spending, standardize operations, and evaluate vendors to ensure they perform as needed.

MSP experts: Managed service provider (MSP) experts manage temporary staffing and recruitment, end-to-end. MSP experts handle strategic planning and supplier management. An MSP expert can cut expenses, boost productivity, and improve contingent workforce management. They are also a great resource when it comes to scaling a business.

CWM experts: Contingent workforce management (CWM) experts hire and manage temporary workers. This comprises independent contractors, gig workers, agency contract labor, and other types of temporary personnel. Due to their different and nuanced employment, permanent and contingent workers should be managed separately for more oversight and a more efficient workforce.

Receive Expertly Vetted Candidates with Total Talent Solutions

Trusted Talent

With High5, businesses have access to thoroughly screened and vetted professionals from all around the world. For this reason, we can consistently deliver on our promise of a much-shortened hiring cycle, an increased pool of qualified candidates, and an overall recruitment process tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

High5’s trusted talent is a group of highly competent individuals we have fostered over time; as a result, they are fully invested in High5 and eager to work with you. Finding skilled workers is now a breeze, thanks to our comprehensive database.

Talent Communities

Working with a talent community enables you to engage with a pool of talent that is eager to work with you. Talent communities help companies connect with their target audiences, potentially increasing engagement and sales. Talent communities provide a centralized platform where employers can post jobs and employees can apply. This makes it easier for the two sides to connect and reduces the time it takes to fill a position.

When talent communities are made up of qualified workers, they can be an excellent source of candidates for open positions in your company. The key is ensuring that the people involved in the communities are qualified to do the jobs. High5 ensures that the candidates in our talent communities are expertly vetted and know what they are doing.

Benefits of the High5 Talent Platform

For Employers

In the past, employers had to settle for a smaller pool of applicants when making hires. Businesses with access to a limited number of candidates often find it challenging to attract and retain highly qualified workers in today’s competitive job market. Not to mention, hiring can drag on if you aren’t prepared with the proper resources. In a matter of minutes, High5’s talent marketplace will provide you with access to a wide variety of thoroughly screened professionals.

In addition, High5 helps streamline your search by eliminating unqualified applicants. This enables you to spend less time reviewing applications and more time speaking with potential hires.

If you’re in the market to hire talent, you’ll be happy to know that we can fill jobs four times as fast as our competitors while saving you 15–25% on average, thanks to our comprehensive talent marketplace and 24/7 worldwide recruiting network.

For Recruiters

High5 knows what recruiters and large staffing suppliers need to succeed after 20 years of servicing global Fortune 500s. Because they have been in comparable positions, the specialists at High5 know exactly what to look for. High5 can assess your candidate’s technical abilities through interviews and evaluations and provide recommendations based on that candidate’s role. Recordings of the review and the interview are provided to you for use in future submissions. Your candidate will have a better probability of being hired due to this approach, and businesses can rest assured that they are selecting the best candidates.

Recruiters can also join the High5 Recruiter Network and connect with over 1,400 independent recruiters across the world to learn about job openings they may be able to fill and to find qualified candidates.

How High5 Compares

Businesses often struggle to locate talented individuals. High5 can help. High5’s innovative new talent marketplace has made it easier for businesses to find and hire developers, recruiters, and other tech talent.

High5 offers lower hiring costs, guaranteed quality, global coverage, global payroll and EOR services, diversity and inclusion reporting, and more. In addition, if you work with High5, you can skip the time-consuming steps of advertising for and screening applicants, conducting interviews, and attempting to have meetings with top-tier talent. Instead, we find out what you need and then put you in touch with pre-screened professionals who are a great fit for your team. The best part? We do it four times faster than anyone else; you’ll start connecting with qualified individuals within three days.

An Overview of Top Talent Solutions

Competition is fierce, and it’s only expected to get more intense as companies compete with one another to hire tech talent. However, teaming up with High5 makes it a breeze to quickly locate the ideal applicant for any position. If you are ready to hire talent for your business without all the stress of traditional hiring, reach out to High5 today to take advantage of our total talent solution.

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